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Credit Card Debt – Does Bankruptcy Make It All Go Away?

Some people are forced into bankruptcy because of credit card debt for a number of reasons. Perhaps there was a job layoff and a credit card was the only way to buy food and gas. Perhaps a payment was late and the interest rate skyrocketed to 35% interest or more. Perhaps a medical emergency came up that wasn’t covered by insurance and you put the ambulance ride on a credit card.

At Christopher Kerney, Attorney at Law, we focus strictly on bankruptcy law. Christopher Kerney is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. We will be able to handle every aspect of your bankruptcy. Once you decide to file, we take care of everything.

For you convenience, we have provided some basic background information about bankruptcy and the answers to some frequently asked questions.

After filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your credit card collectors must stop calling immediately. We can work with your creditors to negotiate good repayment terms or total liquidation.

Credit Card Debt and Bankruptcy – A Few Points

Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your credit card debts are grouped with other debts that are unsecured. You can repay 0%-100% of your unsecured debt. In most cases in Tennessee, you may keep your income tax refund if you pay at least 20% of your credit card or unsecured debt.

Under Chapter 7, credit card debt, in general, is discharged which means you do not have to pay it.

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