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Preparing For The 341 Meeting

Most people who file bankruptcy are required to appear only once at what is known as a 341 meeting. At Christopher Kerney, Attorney at Law, we put our clients’ minds at ease by preparing them for these meetings. If you are considering filing bankruptcy, there is no need to be nervous about going to court. The 341 meetings are very routine, and we will be by your side throughout the entire process.

Information About The 341 Meeting

The 341 meeting is conducted by the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case. For most of our firm’s clients, their 341 meetings are held in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Customs House located at 701 Broadway, Room 100. This is simply a meeting room with a single table and a few rows of chairs, not a courtroom.

341 meetings are held up to four times a day at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Chapter 13 meetings are typically on Tuesday. Chapter 7 meetings are typically on Monday or Wednesday. Approximately 12 to 20 bankruptcy cases are processed at each 341 meeting.

When your case is called, you will approach the table and be sworn in. You will be seated across the table from the trustee. I, or an attorney from my office, will be with you at the table. You will be asked routine questions by the trustee and any of your creditors who choose to attend. Very few creditors attend. When creditors do attend, they typically do not appear personally, but instead send an attorney who represents them. These attorneys conduct themselves in a professional manner. They are not there to harass or intimidate you.

Occasionally, a debt will be owed to an individual. That individual may attend the 341 meeting and question you. However, the questions that he or she asks must be relevant to the debt. The trustee will not allow him or her to ask questions simply to harass or intimidate you.

341 meetings are open to the public, and you are welcome to observe one yourself if you would like to.

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