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Did You Know About These Bankruptcy Misconceptions?

Although most people have a general knowledge about bankruptcy, few people know exactly how it works and find it confusing. Add to that, for many people, the things they think they know about bankruptcy may actually be wrong.

Our job at Christopher Kerney, Attorney at Law is to take a look at your financial situation and give you the information you need to make an educated decision about whether or not to file for bankruptcy, and whether to file for bankruptcy.

Christopher Kerney is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Bankruptcy law is the only kind of law we practice at our law firm.

Don’t Let The Myths Stop You From Filing

For you convenience, we have provided some basic background information about bankruptcy and the answers to many frequently asked questions.

Below are some common myths about bankruptcy:

  • I’ll end up with nothing. You never lose everything. You can always keep your clothing and personal items, and you can almost always keep your car and your house. Please visit the exempt property page for additional information.
  • I’ll never be able to buy a house again as long as I live. Not true. Lenders are in the business of lending money, after a period of time they will consider you again for a home loan.
  • The law has changed making it impossible to file. It is true that the law changed in 2005 but it is not true that it is impossible to file for bankruptcy. We can help you.
  • My loan co-signer will have to pay my debt. Not true. Even in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can voluntarily make payments on co-signed debt.
  • My credit will be ruined forever. It may be impossible to get a good loan immediately after filing for bankruptcy. However, the ability to get a good loan will improve over time as long as you have a steady source of income and you pay your bills on time after the bankruptcy.

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